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Wind Energy Careers on the Rise

Every time you turn on a light, open your fridge, charge your cell phone or play a video game, you don’t think of where the electricity that powers it comes from. Electricity is like oxygen: life sustaining, all around and at the same time, invisible.

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Work Where You Want to Live

As you think about a career, think mobility. In today’s society, having a job you can take with you almost anywhere is a valuable asset.

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Tweet! Technical Fields Growing

It’s amazing how many different technical programs propel people into great careers. TSTC Publishing recently started publishing tweets directly related to 40+ career fields at TechCareers  on Twitter.

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Personal Encounter with Wind Energy

Driving from Colorado to Texas last week, I passed a sprawling wind farm. Looking out my car window, I was struck by the power of those white turbines rotating wind above the stark, flat landscape.

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Wind Energy Fueling New Jobs

When it comes to technical careers, wind energy is blowing to gigantic proportions. TSTC Publishing recently joined the teaching staff of Texas State Technical College’s wind energy program to attend the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) exhibition recently in Dallas.

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