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What Technology Can Do for Children with Autism

It is widely known children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) enjoy watching television, playing video games, or interacting with anything that has a screen. With the technological advancements being made, doctors and researchers have learned how to incorporate computers and other technological products such as this to children with ASD. They have found not only will this new technology help them enhance their ability to read, but it also can help them in their social learning and communication.

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Wearable Computing: Look, Ma. No hands!

Do you remember those little Bluetooth headsets some people use to talk on the phone while continuing their regular day? Imagine that, times a million. Google recently unveiled its newest project: augmented-reality glasses.

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Tablets to Take Over?

Unless you’ve been in a coma lately, you realize how quickly the market for tablets such as the iPad has grown. Many think iPads and other tablets eventually will outsell traditional computers as people continue to want smaller and more user-friendly devices.

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Microsoft Announcement Shows Potential of Gaming Industry

Although many previously considered it an industry that was going nowhere, more and more gamers and businessmen alike are realizing the potential of the gaming industry.

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Wind Energy Careers on the Rise

Every time you turn on a light, open your fridge, charge your cell phone or play a video game, you don’t think of where the electricity that powers it comes from. Electricity is like oxygen: life sustaining, all around and at the same time, invisible.

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Technology Industry Growing in the UK

Good news is good, even if it comes from across an ocean. Alan Hartwell, vice president of technology solutions at Oracle Corporation in the United Kingdom, believes the technology industry is not only doing well but is growing, even in a troubled world economy.

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The Five Myths of Gaming Designers

I remember putting our 5-year-old son, Ben, to bed so his dad and I could practice playing Mario on his Nintendo. While we learned to play better, we still couldn’t beat him.

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Not Just a Game

Video games are a $27.5 billion dollar industry, and it’s an industry that keeps on growing. The first video game was created in the 1970s by a young engineer named Al Alcorn. In just 40 years, the industry has grown $7.4 billion in annual sales, just short of the $9.49 billion that films brought in. Making a video game is not a one-person job any more, however. Modern video games take hundreds of professionals months to create, not to mention the amount of money invested in them. With the industry growing at such a fast pace and the amount of manpower needed to create these video games, employment opportunity is bright. Some jobs available are designers, story builders, artists, composers, producers, production technicians, production assistants, simulation programmers, graphic artists, animators, designers, screenwriters, editors, clay modelers, and more.

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