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Wearable Computing: Look, Ma. No hands!

Do you remember those little Bluetooth headsets some people use to talk on the phone while continuing their regular day? Imagine that, times a million. Google recently unveiled its newest project: augmented-reality glasses.

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A Shocking Tale: Biomedical Equipment Technicians to the Rescue

Imagine you’re in the hospital. Already a little uneasy, uncomfortable and wishing you could be anywhere else, you get hooked up to monitors and other equipment for doctors and nurses to track your progress. Your health in this imaginary case isn’t in real danger, but nonetheless you’re being treated for something you’ll be glad to be rid of.

And then something goes terribly wrong.

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Aviation Electronic Technicians Behind the Scene

Humans have been fascinated with flying ever since Wilbur and Orville Wright first took flight in 1903. The ability to step foot in to a grounded airplane and moments later be hovering above land was an unimaginable feat conquered by the brothers Wright, and one that seems so miniscule now due to the amount of flying done each day.

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Not Just a Game

Video games are a $27.5 billion dollar industry, and it’s an industry that keeps on growing. The first video game was created in the 1970s by a young engineer named Al Alcorn. In just 40 years, the industry has grown $7.4 billion in annual sales, just short of the $9.49 billion that films brought in. Making a video game is not a one-person job any more, however. Modern video games take hundreds of professionals months to create, not to mention the amount of money invested in them. With the industry growing at such a fast pace and the amount of manpower needed to create these video games, employment opportunity is bright. Some jobs available are designers, story builders, artists, composers, producers, production technicians, production assistants, simulation programmers, graphic artists, animators, designers, screenwriters, editors, clay modelers, and more.

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