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Women: Take Advantage of Increased Wind Energy Opportunities

Consumers continue to demand alternative energy as the wind energy industry grows. Many are seeking training in wind energy fields to take advantage of the job increase, but one major demographic is missing out.

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A Woman’s Job

We Can Still Do It!

For a long time, men ruled the workforce. A woman’s place was in the home with her children, taking care of the house. This was true until World War Two, when women stepped up to the plate and took over the technical jobs back home. In today’s society, women are accepted as being a major part of the work force. However, many male-dominated occupations remain, especially those in technical career fields. Needless to say, despite continual efforts to reverse this, women still face professional barriers. Read more…

Women in Wind Energy: Jeanna Walters

Jeanna Walters, graduating in 2009 with an AAS in Wind Energy Technology from Cloud County Community College in Concordia, Kansas, is working hard to remove the barriers, both perceived and real, that keep women from seeking previously male-dominated careers. Her second passion is raising environmental awareness and helping people realize their own responsibility when it comes to the sustainability of the planet’s resources. She finds the fulfillment of these two goals in her studies as a wind energy technician. Prior to her CCCC studies, however, Walters had worked for many years in an office environment. In 1984 she started college to pursue a business degree. But marriage and children interrupted her goals, and it wasn’t until 2009 that she completed her degree at Kansas State University.

In the interim years, Walters had spent much time as the single mother of three boys heavily involved in the Boy Scouts of America. She became a First Aid and CPR certified instructor and also became certified as a climbing and rappelling instructor. Though she spent her workdays behind a desk, she loved being outdoors and longed for a career that would allow just that. Being a Scout leader had also heightened her environmental awareness. When she learned of CCCC ’s Wind Energy Technology program, she realized that here was a career that would bring all of her interests together.

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