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Vibrating tattoos show potential of technical careers

Nokia, a Finnish-based company, has come up with a patent to prevent people from ever missing another ping from their phone. Sometimes your phone can be in the other room, on silent, or you might just be too distracted to notice it through your pocket. The way Nokia suggests you may be able to do this is through a tattoo. The magnetic ink will vibrate along with your phone to ensure you note your phone is calling to you.

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Minority Challenges in Technical Careers

Are minorities shying away from technical careers? Or are technical careers shying away from minorities?

In the world of technical entrepreneurship, minorities are definitely the lesser seen.   When the words “CEO” or “president” are mentioned, the image that comes to most is that of a Caucasian man. African-Americans and Hispanics are workers, but hardly ever bosses. Where does this problem start? Adolescence.  Read more…

Technical Fields Numerous When It Comes to Jobs

I think it was sixth or seventh grade when my teacher announced we had visitors who were going to test us.

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The Free TechCareers Android App is Here!

TSTC Publishing is pleased to announce today that our free TechCareers Android app is now available here at the Android Market. Developed in conjunction with Notice Software in Austin, Texas, it will keep you updated on all things TechCareers in addition to a whole lot more.

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