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A Woman’s Job

We Can Still Do It!

For a long time, men ruled the workforce. A woman’s place was in the home with her children, taking care of the house. This was true until World War Two, when women stepped up to the plate and took over the technical jobs back home. In today’s society, women are accepted as being a major part of the work force. However, many male-dominated occupations remain, especially those in technical career fields. Needless to say, despite continual efforts to reverse this, women still face professional barriers. Read more…

Computer Gaming High on Technical Field List

Here’s a summary of the TechCareers book, Computer Gaming Programmers & Artists.

A person entering the gaming field can expect a lifetime of learning and being on the front lines of creativity.”

Think Playstation, Xbox and Wii. Think World of Warcraft, Halo and Call of Duty.Playing any of these games on any of these consoles makes you part of the multibillion dollar industry of computer gaming. Who creates these games? TechCareers: Computer Gaming Programmers & Artists gives an insightful overview of the quickly growing field of video gaming.

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Technical Fields Numerous When It Comes to Jobs

I think it was sixth or seventh grade when my teacher announced we had visitors who were going to test us.

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The Five Myths of Gaming Designers

I remember putting our 5-year-old son, Ben, to bed so his dad and I could practice playing Mario on his Nintendo. While we learned to play better, we still couldn’t beat him.

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Tweet! Technical Fields Growing

It’s amazing how many different technical programs propel people into great careers. TSTC Publishing recently started publishing tweets directly related to 40+ career fields at TechCareers  on Twitter.

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Social Gaming: The Next Generation of Interactive Fun

When I’m on campus, out shopping, or anywhere in public, I like to watch people.  I enjoy seeing what they are up to; what makes them happy; how they react to certain events.  Lately, everyone is glued to their cell phone.  Talking to friend, perhaps; or maybe catching up with the news?  Nope.  They’re all playing games.

It all began when I noticed my roommate constantly tapping away at his phone.  “He must have more friends then I realize,” I thought.  Then I found out the truth.  He was playing games.  His game of choice was “Words with Friends.”  A little less mindless than Pacman or Tetris, you actually play the game with people you know.  It is not only a form of entertainment, but a way to connect.  You can chat with your friends, meet new people, and even have an excuse to talk to that cute girl from English class.  Suddenly, games are not just for kids or geeks anymore.  Everyone is jumping on board and if you don’t want to get left behind, you better find a social game to fit your style.

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Take a Glimpse Into the World of Gaming

Due to ever-growing advances in the ever-changing world of gaming, it is an industry that must be closely watched by its followers. It seems as though new games, new styles and new systems are popping up every day and those who wish to break into the gaming industry must keep up. Sometimes the best way to do this is to follow those who are daily living in the gaming industry who offer advice, tips, news and just report on what a normal day working in this industry looks like. Below is a list of blogs and a brief summary of the type of advice each blog has to offer.


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New Worlds: Gaming and Animation

Gaming, a $2.75 billion industry, relies on the skills of people like gaming design expert Craig Wolfe to create alternate worlds. People young and old engross themselves in the imagined realities of games like Halo and Call of Duty. Gamers can take on new personae, employ superhuman strength, and perform fantastical feats all thanks to the innovation and skill of game designers. What started with games like Tetris, blocks falling from the sky, has evolved into an outlet of escape where anything is possible.

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