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A Woman’s Job

We Can Still Do It!

For a long time, men ruled the workforce. A woman’s place was in the home with her children, taking care of the house. This was true until World War Two, when women stepped up to the plate and took over the technical jobs back home. In today’s society, women are accepted as being a major part of the work force. However, many male-dominated occupations remain, especially those in technical career fields. Needless to say, despite continual efforts to reverse this, women still face professional barriers. Read more…

Wind Energy Careers on the Rise

Every time you turn on a light, open your fridge, charge your cell phone or play a video game, you don’t think of where the electricity that powers it comes from. Electricity is like oxygen: life sustaining, all around and at the same time, invisible.

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Make Sure Potential Employer Worth Every Bite

Just today, I read that three of my favorite veggies have very little nutritional value. I’ve known for years that iceberg lettuce was a poor choice; yet, heads of lettuce roll out the commerce door every year. But cucumbers and celery?

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TSTC Waco Engineering A Bright Spot

An article in this week’s CNNMoney  from Fortune Magazine says American manufacturers are “on the prowl for top talent, but say not enough workers are trained for the tasks.”

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