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Vibrating tattoos show potential of technical careers

Nokia, a Finnish-based company, has come up with a patent to prevent people from ever missing another ping from their phone. Sometimes your phone can be in the other room, on silent, or you might just be too distracted to notice it through your pocket. The way Nokia suggests you may be able to do this is through a tattoo. The magnetic ink will vibrate along with your phone to ensure you note your phone is calling to you.

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Innovations in Biomedical Technology Promise Bright Future for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

The biomedical engineering field is continuously developing means of making healthcare dreams more of a reality and providing patients with a more convenient method of treatment. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced the first successful test of a microchip in a human that eventually could take the place of daily prescription shots.

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A Woman’s Job

We Can Still Do It!

For a long time, men ruled the workforce. A woman’s place was in the home with her children, taking care of the house. This was true until World War Two, when women stepped up to the plate and took over the technical jobs back home. In today’s society, women are accepted as being a major part of the work force. However, many male-dominated occupations remain, especially those in technical career fields. Needless to say, despite continual efforts to reverse this, women still face professional barriers. Read more…

Technical Careers Offer Job Security in Tough Times

Saving money, clipping coupons, cutting up credit cards; these are all ways to help yourself during an economic crisis. How is the job industry saving money? Cutting jobs. Read more…

Technical Fields Numerous When It Comes to Jobs

I think it was sixth or seventh grade when my teacher announced we had visitors who were going to test us.

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Tweet! Technical Fields Growing

It’s amazing how many different technical programs propel people into great careers. TSTC Publishing recently started publishing tweets directly related to 40+ career fields at TechCareers  on Twitter.

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A Shocking Tale: Biomedical Equipment Technicians to the Rescue

Imagine you’re in the hospital. Already a little uneasy, uncomfortable and wishing you could be anywhere else, you get hooked up to monitors and other equipment for doctors and nurses to track your progress. Your health in this imaginary case isn’t in real danger, but nonetheless you’re being treated for something you’ll be glad to be rid of.

And then something goes terribly wrong.

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A Medical and Technical Career Combined

Biomedical equipment technician may not be a job you’ve heard of or are familiar with but it is an important behind-the-scenes job that keeps hospitals running smoothly. Imagine for a moment the MRI in the hospital malfunctions or a ventilator doesn’t work…who fixes it? That’s where biomedical equipment technicians come in. They are the individuals who are trained to fix medical equipment when it breaks or malfunctions. Just like any other medical career, their job projections are rising to meet the demand of the increased health care necessary for the baby boomers.

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