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Innovations in Biomedical Technology Promise Bright Future for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

The biomedical engineering field is continuously developing means of making healthcare dreams more of a reality and providing patients with a more convenient method of treatment. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced the first successful test of a microchip in a human that eventually could take the place of daily prescription shots.

The microchip, which holds the prescribed drug in 20 small reservoirs and is programmed to administer accurate dosages, can be implanted under a patient’s skin at a normal doctor’s office using a local anesthetic. The chip is less than two inches long and can be programmed from a remote to deliver the drug once daily for up to 20 days. Eight women, ages 65 to 70, were tested with no foreseeable side effects.

While scientists are still developing the technology, and it is not the first of its kind, it is interesting to think of the possibilities this technology could hold. Some medicines such as insulin, however, are too large for the microchip’s reservoirs, making the technology currently unavailable to diabetics.

Biomedical equipment technicians benefit from innovations like the microchip MIT developed. Each innovation brings new opportunities and growth to the industry. According to TechCareers: Biomedical Equipment Technicians, healthcare facilities use millions of dollars’ worth of medical electronic devices, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook says the field will remain strong in the future.

With researchers constantly making breakthroughs and advances in biomedical technology, it is an exciting time to become a biomedical equipment technician, filled with learning experiences and hands-on use of today’s medical miracles. TechCareers: Biomedical Equipment Technicians can help interested individuals know how they can enter an industry that helps ensure the integrity and safety of medical equipment doctors use.

For more information on career paths for biomedical equipment technicians and occupational outlook data, pick up a copy of TechCareers: Biomedical Equipment Technicians from a major book distributor or directly from TSTC Publishing.

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