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For a long time, men ruled the workforce. A woman’s place was in the home with her children, taking care of the house. This was true until World War Two, when women stepped up to the plate and took over the technical jobs back home. In today’s society, women are accepted as being a major part of the work force. However, many male-dominated occupations remain, especially those in technical career fields. Needless to say, despite continual efforts to reverse this, women still face professional barriers.

This old way of thought believed men to be more capable because they are the physically stronger gender. Many assumed manual labor should be done by a man. However, today’s welders do not need to be physically strong but technologically apt. In recent years, this has presented new job opportunities for women in fields such as radiation protection technology and avionics.

According to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, many in the welding industry believe women possess the characteristics of patience and good hand-eye coordination, which makes for a good welder. Women continually prove themselves capable, but they do have difficulty finding work . Statistically, when competing for the same job, a man is most likely to be hired over a female contender. According to a study conducted by Frankie Sanots Laanan and Soko Starobin at Iowa State University, women with associate degrees make about $10,000 less five years after graduation than men who hadn’t graduated from college.

Another reason for a male-dominated workforce is the stereotypical concept of motherhood. It is sometimes thought, even today, mothers should not work but should be full-time caretakers of their children and their home. What this way of thinking does not account for is in this day and age, for those in the lower middle class and under, the money the father of the household brings in is often not enough to cover all of the family’s expenses. So the mother and father often share the responsibility of providing. At times, the stay-at-home parent is even the father.

However, despite all these things working against them, women have been making progress in so many of the technical fields. The United States Department of Labor says that there was over a 95 percent increase in women working as computer engineers alone from the years 2000-2010. Organizations such as Women in Aviation International (WAI) support women going into these technical fields by providing scholarships.

There is a great deal of support, and a lot of progress is being made. I hope not only for my sake but also for the sake of the generations of daughters, mothers, and wives to come, the progress never stops, and we show the world exactly what a woman’s job is.



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