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Technology Industry Growing in the UK

Good news is good, even if it comes from across an ocean. Alan Hartwell, vice president of technology solutions at Oracle Corporation in the United Kingdom, believes the technology industry is not only doing well but is growing, even in a troubled world economy.

That’s good news for anyone entering into a technical field. In a blog post at, Hartwell says “There is bullish growth in the technology industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as customers are investing in technology while they remain sensitive to spend elsewhere.”

Hartwell advises people to look at careers in technology from an early age “to promote continued growth in an industry that is strong and getting stronger.” Unfortunately, he said technical programs at universities have lost ground to arts courses and humanities.

Another important aspect, he said, is that the technology industry is not just about developers, coding and a need for highly technical individuals. “There is also a major requirement for business consultants, support staff, marketing and sales staff who are able to understand customer needs and offer suitable solutions,” said Hartwell.

“Technologies such as cloud computing have been heralded as a way for businesses to remove management overheads, and applications such as customer relationship management and business intelligence are enabling businesses to better understand their customers,” continued Hartwell.

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