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Work Where You Want to Live

As you think about a career, think mobility. In today’s society, having a job you can take with you almost anywhere is a valuable asset.

Such a job also is called a portable career, meaning a career you can take with you, says Megan Fitzgerald in a guest article at Fitzgerald says a portable career gives you flexibility to organize your work around your lifestyle.

I recall my husband telling a harried young woman one time, “Mary, you don’t live to work; you work to live.” It was a life-changing statement for her as she and her husband decided to move across the country to do what they had wanted to do for a long time.

Fitzgerald says historically portable careers have been few. These included nursing, childcare or administrative support. Now, thanks to technology, the list is much longer. Today, according to Fitzgerald, you can be a graphic or web designer, an IT service provider, an event planner, a virtual assistant, a translator, writer, editor or an accountant.

Technical careers in the wind energy industry also are portable as the industry is growing in many areas. Welding is another technical career that is needed in almost every location. Fitzgerald’s article breaks down the components of a portable career:

  • Portable careers often involve services or skill sets that are generally in high demand in many parts of the world.
  • Portable careers are not primarily driven by credentials or degrees that are jurisdiction or location specific.
  • Even though with some portable careers a person may decide to only work locally, in general, portable careers do not limit you to your local market.
  • Portable careers usually involve regular engagement with technology and online business and communication tools.
  • Having the ability to speak another language can make many careers very portable.
  • And lastly, portable careers generally do not involve owning and managing brick and mortar businesses.

Whatever the career choice, workers need to be tech-savvy to be successful in marketing themselves and to build their global network. As the world becomes more mobile, the number of people pursuing these portable jobs will grow.



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