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Technical Fields Numerous When It Comes to Jobs

I think it was sixth or seventh grade when my teacher announced we had visitors who were going to test us.

When our visitors passed out little peg boards to all of us, the fear of test-taking gave way to curiosity. For quite some time, they timed us putting pegs where they told us to put them in the boards. It was quite a fun exercise, not a test at all.

Then a few weeks later, my teacher announced some of us were going to be great fruit pickers while others might work at putting bees in a box. We each received a list of jobs for which we could qualify, given our dexterity and speed on the pegboard test.

Years later, if I got frustrated in my writing or editing jobs, I would always say, “Well, I can always pick fruit!”

Another time, though, when life had beaten me down some, and I was looking for a job, I came across a classified ad. I read it and then exclaimed, “I’m not even qualified to move manure!”

Whether you are already in your chosen career path or you are struggling to decide one that fits you best, know there are many, many jobs out there. One Career Exploration link offers guides to hundreds of vocational and technical careers.

At TSTC Publishing, we offer a TechCareers Series on a variety of topics such as: automotive, wind energy, biomedical, avionics and computer gaming. Forthcoming titles include: Welding Technology, Aviation Pilots, Aviation Maintenance, Radiation Protection Technology and Graphic Design.

We also offer a free Android TechCareers app, which you can download by clicking here. The app provides the latest industry and career news for a variety of technical fields in demand around the United States and the world. It also shows all the technical programs offered at Texas State Technical College (TSTC).

It’s important to note your first choice may not be where you spend your life’s work, but there are lots of possibilities.

Happy hunting!



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