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The Free TechCareers Android App is Here!

TSTC Publishing is pleased to announce today that our free TechCareers Android app is now available here at the Android Market. Developed in conjunction with Notice Software in Austin, Texas, it will keep you updated on all things TechCareers in addition to a whole lot more.

For example, if you’re a high school student trying to decide on a particular technical field—anything from wind energy to avionics to biomedical equipment technology—you can easily see the latest breaking news in these areas as the TechCareers app has 40+ career-specific news feeds. Or, if you’re about to graduate with your technical degree, you’ll be able to get info on the jobs you may end up applying for. If you’re already in the field, get the latest industry updates as they happen.

But we’re hoping this app will be relevant to a wider audience as well: parents who might want to know what this “radiation protection technology” thing is all about, high school  career counselors who want to make sure they’re not passing on last week’s stats and figures, college technical program recruiters who need to be able to talk the talk with prospective students, and instructors themselves who want to stay current in their fields.

For those of you who do download this free app, we hope you find it useful. And, as well, please feel free to leave us comments below letting us know how it’s working for you, what could be working better, and new features you’d like to see in a future update.

(And, one last time, did we mention that it is FREE?!?)

— Mark


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