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Wes Lowe goes Green with Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is the future.  The elimination of the need for fossil fuels will give more power to consumers, lead to a healthier environment, and help the economy. TSTC Publishing Sales Manager Wes Lowe recently attended the Growing Green Sustainable Rural Development conference in Aransas Pass, Texas. At the conference, Lowe said he not only made useful sales contacts for TSTC Publishing’s Tech Careers textbook series, but gained precious insight into the up-and-coming sustainable energy industry.

The Texas Engineering Extension Service focuses on bringing sustainable energy to rural areas, places where roots in agriculture guarantee a constant interest in resource management.  In rural Texas, sustainable energy can bring stability to the agriculture and oil and gas industries, as well as create new jobs and diversify rural economies. The main purpose of the conference was to share ideas between industry insiders and with the local politicians who make decisions in rural areas.

In addition to solar panels, wind turbines are the premiere source for sustainable energy.  In order to construct these turbines, workers must be educated in the field of wind energy.  This is where Lowe comes in.  TSTC Publishing had its own exhibit at the conference, advertising Electromechanical Principles of Wind Turbines, one of the first textbooks in the industry and Wind Energy TechCareers, a book that features detailed overviews of the industry.

Rural areas are being hit especially hard by the economy, opening up sustainable energy as a viable option.  Texas is taking hints from Greensburg, Kans., the town destroyed by a tornado and rebuilt focusing on sustainable energy.  As more people become aware, due in part to conferences such as “Growing Green,” wind energy will become more prominent and play an important role in the construction and growth of towns.

Sustainable energy, being in its infancy, is not without its problems.  Regulations and licensees provide seemingly unnecessary hoops to be jumped through.  A naval commander has complained about turbines interfering with radar, causing navigation problems.  As the industry grows and these problems are addressed, people will become more open to alternative forms of power.



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