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Take a Glimpse Into the World of Gaming

Due to ever-growing advances in the ever-changing world of gaming, it is an industry that must be closely watched by its followers. It seems as though new games, new styles and new systems are popping up every day and those who wish to break into the gaming industry must keep up. Sometimes the best way to do this is to follow those who are daily living in the gaming industry who offer advice, tips, news and just report on what a normal day working in this industry looks like. Below is a list of blogs and a brief summary of the type of advice each blog has to offer.


Written by professional video game coder Maciej Sinilo, this blog covers C+ +, writing game code, and general programming. Included are links to some of the coding tools and programs referenced in the blog.


Commercial code programmer Vincent Scheib manages this blog on game development and graphics. Posts include links to his work, helpful tips, and bits on upcoming trends in game programming.


Two independent programmers who develop computer and video games developed this gaming blog. Along with video clips and links to gaming sites, the blog offers reviews on gaming trends and software.


This blog is an excellent source for aspiring independent gamers. Produced by game programmer Jonathan Blow, features include video, upcoming games to watch for, and starting advice for future programmers and artists.


Video game strategist Robert Bowling develops this blog on upcoming games, gaming events, and programming equipment. Video and links to news sources are included.


Writer and video game developer Matthew S. Burns provides commentary on mainstream and independent gaming in this blog. His blog details the best games for gamers, jobs in the gaming industry, and art and design for video games.


This blog contains video and previews of the author’s, video game designer Steve Gaynor, own games. Posts also include reviews of gaming design and thoughts on gaming events.


Developed by an independent gaming studio, this blog features information on new projects and games. The blog includes video and graphics about design and programming, as well as job information for interested gamers.

This blog details the day-to-day of game designer Dave Gilbert. The site displays products from his gaming studio and clips from games he developed as well as discussion on technique and technology for gamers.

Playstation game designer David Jaffe writes and video blogs about his experiences as a professional designer. He discusses issues on graphics, his favorite games, and job placement at Playstation.

Noel Llopis is an independent game designer with a background in the mainstream industry. His blog offers design information using C + +, game technology, and developing games applications for the iPhone.

Produced by game software designer and programmer David Perry, this blog is a great source for those looking to break into the game design industry. Features include job openings with Perry’s company and links to game design schools and education programs.

A game program studio focusing on system design and 3D art graphics, Mistwalker provides on the daily life of a gamer based out of Tokyo, Japan. The blog includes a gallery of games and links to available products.



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